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Rotring Pens

Buy high quality Rotring pens at Internet-ink. All Rotring pens come with fast free delivery straight to your door. Rotring Pens are a world renowned brand of high quality writing pens. When people think of writing pens they usually think of Rotring Pens.


Rotring Pens with Isograph and Rapidograph at Internet-ink

The main difference between Rotring Isograph & Rapidograph pens is that Rapidograph pens utilise cartridges to refill and Isograph uses bottles of ink to fill a reservoir within the pen.


Internet-ink stock a wide range of Technical Pens like Rotring Pens, Rotring Rapidograph Pens and Rotring Isograph Pens, We also have Rotring Fineliners, Nibs & Refills. The Rotring pen offers a great variety of drawing and writing instruments ideal for the designer enthusiast all with free delivery direct to your door.


Rotring Pens History

The idea came in 1928 - the perfect writing instrument. One that would write evenly makes carbon copies, and not drip or blot. No small matter in the pre-ballpoint era!


The result was an ink pen that used a tube instead of a nib - the Rotring Tiku or Inkograph. It became a byword for precision writing. The Tiku was an innovative solution and since then the meeting of writing and drawing challenges through innovation has become the hallmark of the Rotring Company.


Hence, in 1950 a dialogue with draftsmen and designers gave rise to the idea of further developing the Tiku tubular tip to create the world’s first technical pen - the original Rapidograph. It was refillable, created precise sharp-edged lines and had a capillary ink feed that gave a consistently smooth flow of ink. It set the standard, and indeed became synonymous with technical drawing.


Over the years the Rapidograph was followed by many other drawing products. Rotring created an interlinking system for the professional drafter, from compasses and templates to the latest generation of the Rapidograph. Functionality and technical perfection make Rotring drawing instruments symbols for quality and precision. They continue on in the tradition laid down by founder Wilhelm Riepe back in 1928.


High Quality Rotring Pens available Online

At Internet-ink we pride ourselves on the quality of Rotring product we supply and our customer support team are available to help with any advice needed with your Rotring pen supplies.

Rotring Rapidograph

Rotring Rapidograph

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Rotring Isograph

Rotring Isograph

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Rotring ArtPen

Rotring ArtPen

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Rotring Tikky Graphic

Rotring Tikky Graphic

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Rotring Pencils & Leads

Rotring Pencils & Leads

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Rotring Ink Bottles

Rotring Ink Bottles

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Rotring Templates & Set Squares

Rotring Templates & Set Squares

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