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Waterman Pens

Buy high quality Waterman fountain pens at Internet-ink. All Waterman pens come with fast free delivery straight to your door. Waterman Pens are a world renown brand of high quality writing pens. When people think of writing pens they usually think of Waterman Pens.


Cheap Waterman Pens at Internet-ink

We sell a massive range of Waterman Fountain, Ballpoint, and Rollerball pen models for all your pen needs. Our Waterman accessories and refills are very popular. Here at Internet-ink we stock Waterman bottled ink, Waterman ink cartridges, Waterman Ink Refills for Ballpoints, Rollerballs, and Multi pens and lots more to accessorise your Waterman pen.


Don't stress about what type of Waterman pen you need or where you need to get it from, here at Internet-ink you can get all your Waterman pens under one roof without having to go to the shop and sit in traffic. Sit in the comfort of your own home and browse our fantastic pen range that comes with the added bonus of FREE delivery with all Waterman pens.


Not sure what Waterman pen is right for you, or can't find your item? Call our customer service line FREE on 0800 612 0874 we would be happy to help and find you your perfect pen, tailored to your specific needs, simple effective service goes a long way, order you prefect Waterman pen at Internet-ink today

Great Value Waterman Pens Online

Waterman pens are the perfect writing tool. The Waterman fountain pen is amoungst the best engineered fountain pens available offering both style and quality all in the same pen. The Waterman pens range offers feminine elegance with the Waterman Hemisphere range through to the classic lines of the Waterman Exception. Both are affordable high quality ink pens that come in 3 versions. The Waterman fountain, rollerball & ballpoint pen all offer a beautiful writing experience and the ideal present or treat for yourself.


Waterman pens say it all – stylish, functional, chic and practical, yet still a must-have accessory. Whether you choose Waterman fountain pens or a different stlye of pen you can be sure that your choice is a good one. Even in these electronic days of PCs, tablets and mobile phones, Waterman pens are still an essential handbag or briefcase element.

The History behind Waterman Pens

In 1883, insurance broker Lewis Waterman had bought a new fountain pen in preparation for signing an important new contract. The pen refused to work and a competing broker jumped in and sealed the deal instead. And that was the driving force behind Waterman pens, Waterman fountain pens and Waterman ink pens. Determined never to suffer a similar fate again, Waterman began to make the now world-renowned Waterman pens in his brother’s workshop.


Lewis Waterman used the capillarity principle which allowed air to induce a steady and even flow of ink. He christened his brand new Waterman pen "the Regular" decorated it with wood accents, and obtained a patent for it in 1884. By 1899 Lewis Waterman had opened a Montreal factory offering a variety of Waterman pen designs. The Treaty of Versailles was signed using a solid gold Waterman pen, a far cry from the day Lewis Waterman lost his important contract due to a leaky fountain pen.


  • A Waterman fountain pen says you’re a man or woman of style.
  • A Waterman fountain pen says you’re in control, not a follower, but a leader. 


A Waterman fountain pen such as the Hemisphere for example, presents a solid, no-nonsense, professional business appearance, ideal for brandishing around boardrooms to make a point. If however, you're wanting to offer a slightly more individual image, the Hemisphere metallic blue Waterman fountain pen offers a indiviuality to match, your style.


If you’re truly individual and want to express your artistic, creative side, take a look at the popular exception range of Waterman’s fountain pens. These innovative Waterman pens are far more than just writing instruments. Of all the Waterman ink pens available, these fashionable and glamorous accessories both surprise and charm. Night & Day, Ideal and the slim exception ranges – it’s difficult to decide, but whichever Waterman fountain pen you choose won’t be disappointed. A Waterman fountain pen says as much about you as your clothes, shoes and lifestyle.


When shopping for a Waterman pen for a woman, there is such a large and expressive range available it’s difficult to pick out one Waterman ink pen above another. If you’re looking for slim, chic and very feminine, the Elegance & Harmonie Waterman ink pens could be the ones for you. Waterman fountain pens are the epitome of elegance and style, presenting a brushed satin barrel finish, jewel colours and a slim tapered design.


Not only do you get a beautiful Waterman ink pen, you also get a very shapely and sophisticated presentation box. Looking at Waterman pens for men, you can’t go wrong with an Expert Waterman fountain pen. The Expert range has its slim cigar-shaped form and the signature bevelled cap button, Expert is a contemporary pen that distinguishes itself by its gentle curve and the originality of its details. Whatever the occasion, whoever the gift, a Waterman pen says it all.

Waterman Pen Accessories

Waterman Pen Accessories

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Waterman Hemisphere Pens

Waterman Hemisphere Pens

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Waterman Expert

Waterman Expert

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Waterman Carene

Waterman Carene

31 View More Info »
Waterman Exception

Waterman Exception

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Waterman Elegance

Waterman Elegance

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Waterman Perspective

Waterman Perspective

19 View More Info »
Waterman Edson

Waterman Edson

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Waterman Charleston

Waterman Charleston

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Waterman Harmonie

Waterman Harmonie

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