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The Epson CX3200 printer comes with home printing at its best. A popular printer the Epson CX3200 is an all in one scanning, copying and printing machine. Using high grade quality ink cartridge to produces great vibrant prints and generous printing speeds for an entry level machine. The Epson CX3200 ink uses the Epson T040 and T041 ink cartridges.


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The Epson CX3200 printer is an entry level printer but get the job done and won’t take up a lot of room in your home. The CX3200 prints with a steady speed and offers good value printing in both black white and colour documents of all kinds using Internet-ink who stocks both the Epson original and Epson compatible T040 and T041 ink cartridges at some of the best prices online.


Epson CX3200 Reviews

I have an Epson Stylus CX3200 and it is a printer, scanner and photocopier. It is now about 5 years old, but still going strong. I know I could buy one that is quicker and quieter while printing, but the standard of the finished product is what matters to me and the print quality is outstanding. I can’t work due to disability, so use the Epson at home. In an office I could see why a quicker, quieter model would be better but mine is also not expensive to run. The colour cartridge needed for it comes as an all-in-one, and one of those and a black and white together costs about £10 to replace, as opposed to the Lexmark we had before which was £30 for a single cartridge. I would give my Epson a good 8 out of 10!

Just replying to your printer survey, I have an Epson CX3200 which I have had now for about 4 years and in use every day. I have had no problem with it for documents and other use, however I prefer my other printer for photos which is a Lexmark X2450 and the quality of the photos are much better, even with your replacement Lex 1 I look forward to your results as I am hoping to replace my Epson CX3200 in the near future so will be interested in the outcome of your survey. Hope this is of help. Kind regards Val Halgarth


I have an "Epson Stylus CX 3200" with which I have been using your ink refills. This I have used to produce 6" X 4" photographic prints in conjunction with a Kodak Easy Share LS 753 zoom digital camera and computer software. This might not be sufficiently sophisticated for the photographic enthusiast, but for my purposes it is ideal. Even with photos taken in under exposed conditions I’m able to enhance them to an acceptable result. The only problem that I do experience is that I have found it difficult to get the print equidistant from each margin of the paper. The copier facility on the top of the printer is very handy. The other feature that I like is that with the aid of the "Menu" buttons each function is explained step by step so that you cannot go wrong when required to carry out the "Clean Heads" , Change Ink Cartridges" Etc. Etc. I am very pleased with the machine generally. Mr N. Greening.


I have an Epson Stylus CX3200 Printer. It has given me excellent service and (to date) I have had no problems with this Printer. I appreciate that singing the praises of any electrical/mechanical device is often the prelude to trouble, but I have to say that (to date) it has been a good printer/copier/scanner. The alternative Ink Cartridges have also given excellent print quality. Best Regards, Brian Perrett.

Have used this Epson Cx3200 printer for past 3 years without serious problem. (Interface problems quickly solved by shutting down computer and printer). Must be among the best value for money of any of the printers available. Have also used’ Abitech’ inks now for several years with different printers. Great Value for money. Thanks. JC Watton.


When I wanted a scan/copy/print machine I looked very carefully & had difficulty deciding between Epson, HP & Lexmark. I regret getting the Epson Cx3200, mainly because its print heads seem to need using regularly to keep them flowing properly. It’s ok to do a quick black copy, without the bother of turning the PC on, but using the supplied software for anything more than that becomes tedious as it often shows ’error’ (sometimes when there isn’t a problem) and takes for ever to get working properly. Paper feed is bad too - especially if you can’t easily see to put it in the rear holder - I often get paper feed faults and jams. Andrew


Epson cx3200 all in 1 printer best 3 in 1 I have owned so far, works on any compatible ink that I have put in, and it prints on to Tesco photo paper excellently I have a 6mp camera and I get stunning results between them the it does what it says on the tin :) very happy in deed 9/10 I only gave it a 9 because it does not do separate inks hope this helps regards steve


I had an Epson CX3200 for quite a few years before it finally died a warrior’s death. I used to mainly use compatible from this site and mostly they worked fine until towards the end when I had to regularly perform head cleans. The printer used to work very well producing good quality prints and scans, also being quite quiet. I was very happy with this printer until just before the end when it did let me down a few times but with its initial cost made it a very good buy in the first place Very happy with it 8/10 Mick Lenton


I (a pensioner who didn’t know how to switch on a computer - or what to do if I did!) when I retired in (not at) ’93! Am delighted with my CX3200 printer. It is my second one - and is really pleased the 1st died! It is so easy to use! I had a (self-made) problem one day -phoned the help line and was quickly backed in operation. In addition to printing - sometimes 100+ copies of items - I photo copy a great deal and of course print photographs. The quality of the photos is brilliant! I have had it for 6 or 7 years now. My only negative comment is that I get a bit impatient when reloading paper - I manage to knock the support off if I try to hurry - and I wish I could load a little more paper at the time. The computer component is of great value to me, and I make good use of the facilities provided. I have been happy with all the refills from you. I think I have been using them for 3 or 4 years, and I have happily recommended them to others. M. Lovell


Have had this printer for about 4 years and I am going to update it because of the prohibitive cost of ink. Have tried various cheaper inks with disastrous results - almost to the point of the printer packing up. However, on the whole a good reliable machine.

I have owned an Epsom Stylus CX3200 printer for several years now and, to date; it has proved to be a very good machine. I would buy another such Printer.


Had a CX3200 a few years now and it has given good service. 9 out 10. I had a Lexmark before this which was expensive to run.


Have had my CX3200 for 8 years until the colour cartridge became clogged. Desperate, I tried all ways to resurrect the machine, to no avail. In desperation, I was ready to throw the printer away. Then, a bridge player directed me to your company & there I discovered your cleaning cartridges. The Epson was given a new lease of life & apart from limited paper intake, it serves me very well. 8/10.
Eileen Hoare

I've had my Epson CX3200 since the end of 2004. I needed not only to be able to print but also photocopy a significant number of documents on an ongoing basis. The CX3200 has proved ideal and is a real workhorse. I also use it to scan documents and photos as files into the computer and again it works very well indeed. OK it's not as fast as some printers but it's proved very reliable, though on the subject of reliability the fact that the print head is separate from the ink cartridge (as with all Epson printers) does mean that if you allow ink to become dry in the print head you might ruin the whole printer. But that's about the only drawback. I almost always use your ink cartridges rather than Epson ones. One other benefit for me personally was that it worked straight out of the box with my Linux operating system and still does although my OS has moved on by 4 generations. A great 3 in one machine.
Chris Ward