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Your Reviews For The Epson 680 So Far


Hello We’ve got an old Epson 680 colour printer. It’s about 7-8 year old possibly a bit more. We originally bought it for my daughter’s school work. It’s very basic but the printing quality is very good for letters and various printouts from the internet. The speed of printing is also fine for our requirements. Probably my biggest grip was the cost of the Epson ink cartridges at the time, about £40 for 1xblack/1xcolour. That was before I discovered cheaper versions on your web site (where I now buy my cartridges). Overall for simplicity and reliability I would give it an 8. Best regards to you all. Keep up the good work Mrs Evelyn Banna.


I have an epson color 680 which i have had for years and is reliable. The cartridges are fairly cheap to replace. downside is that it takes up quite a lot of space and you have to remember to lower the flexible tray for receiving the printed copy before pressing the print button, if not, the paper gets all scrunched up. 8 out of 10. Janet Killian


Hello, I have had an Epson Stylus Colour 680 printer for years. It has always given me good service but I have to watch it when it prints, as it has an habit of ejecting the paper after printing and then grabbing it back in and screwing it up. Recently I had problems with having to keep cleaning the heads. I was about to replace it when I found the head cleaning cartridges on your website. I decided to give them I go. After 3 goes with the cleaning cartridges the printer is as good as new, Thank you. Regards,Peter Norris


I've had the printer for at least 10 years and (!) its still going strong. I've had to dismantle it once (and that's fairly easy) to clean the collector pad, and I use compatible cartridges. As its use intermittently it runs clean a cleaning cycle frequently. With Epson inks that's throwing away valuable ink. Prints photos without banding, and the colours stay good if kept out of sunlight and bright light. No specific drivers for windows 7 so you need a computer (XP?) that will run the reset facility (SSC) to identify the cartridge which is out. regards.KenM