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The Epson T1590 - T1599 Kingfisher ink cartridge range consists of 1 black cartridge , 1 photo black cartridge and 5 separate colour cartridges (cyan, magenta, yellow, red and orange) with a gloss optimiser as well. Together these cartridges produce fantastic looking prints with vibrant, true to life colours on every printed page.


Epson T1590-T1599 Kingfisher Printer Ink Cartridges - "Epson Kingfisher Ink Cartridges"


The Epson Kingfisher ink range includes the T1590, T1591, T1592, T1593, T1594, T1597, T1598, and T1599 ink cartridges. The Epson T1590 series contains Ultra Chrome Hi-Gloss2 ink that gives superb high-gloss printing on a large variety of media, thanks to the T1590 gloss optimiser cartridge. The second generation of Ultra Chrome Hi-Gloss ink offers amazingly vibrant, natural and fade-resistant colour photo prints.