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Buy Flash memory Cards and SD Cards at Internet-ink, with 1 year guarantee and free delivery with all Flash Memory and SD card orders.


Buy Flash memory Cards and SD Cards at Internet-ink

With the development of the technology to use high capacity data storage for use with storage media from digital cameras both still and movies and other image recording devices.


The use of the memory cards stretches to mobile phones and smaller devices with the development of the Micro SD cards, these standard storage and high capacity SD cards are handy for storing with videos, music , pictures and even games. The greater the capacity of the Memory Cards and the Micro SD card mean more complex and greater files can be stored on each memory card.


Each SD card comes with our internet discount code voucher which can be used to purchase 10% off your next ink cartridge purchase. With a whole array of memory cards from top brands such as Kingston and SanDisk SD cards you won’t want to purchase anywhere else.