Compatible HP 364XL Ink Cartridge TWIN Multipack + 2 Free Black Ink [10 Pack] BK/C/M/Y [No Photo Black]

Compatible HP 364 XL Ink TWIN PACK + 2 Free Blacks - 10 Inks (No Photo Black)
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Compatible HP 364XL Ink Cartridges Colour Mixed Multipack - 10 Inks
1 Year Guarantee
In Stock
Ink Cartridge
HP 364XL Multipack Ink Cartridge BK/C/M/Y High Capacity Original
1 Year Guarantee
In Stock
Ink Cartridge

£19.99 (inc vat @20.00%)



This compatible 364XL twin multipack is a great value double pack specifically designed to work in your HP printer.

The 364XL compatible ink cartridges twin multi-pack contains 4 black, 2 cyan, 2 magenta and 2 yellow compatible non-oem cartridges.

The compatible 364XL printer cartridge double pack contains 10 cartridges and is suitable for all types of printing and is the best value pack we offer.

Fully chipped and ready to go. All our premium inks are made to highest standards and carry the ISO9001 worldwide quality certification.

Our inks are formulated to each printers individual specification ensuring perfect results everytime. Offering a much higher printing quality than universal inks. Which are unfortunately widely used in the UK by other inferior cartridge manufacturers and distributors.

The 364XL black is filled to 24ml and prints approx 735 pages at 5% average coverage. Each of the colours in the pack is filled to 15ml and print approx 1875 pages individually at 5% average coverage.

That's TRIPLE the capacity of the standard and over DOUBLE the XL original fills of the original ink cartridges.

These non-oem 364XL cartridges are universal meaning they work as both a 364 and 364XL ink cartridge.

Comes with easy to use installation instructions and saves over £140 buying the equivalent XL genuine pack.

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Technical Specification

In Stock
1 Year Guarantee
Ink Cartridge
High Quality Fadetech Ink

Compatible HP 364XL Ink Cartridge TWIN Multipack + 2 Free Black Ink [10 Pack] BK/C/M/Y [No Photo Black] - Free UK Delivery


Cheap HP 364 XL Compatible Ink Multipack Complete TWIN PACK with 10 Inks

The HP 364XL multipack offers the best value when purchasing your HP364 printer inks which are only available online at Internet-ink. Simply put you pay a lot less for a lot more ink. Here at Internet-Ink we understand printer ink can be expensive, that is why we created our bundle HP364XL saver packs and even add some free black inks into the mix to save you even more. Using high quality Fadetech ink the HP 364 XL Multipack twin pack produces clean and colourful text, graphics for all types of printed documents. The compatible HP364 multi-packs are made using from recycled materials meaning we can offer you a great ink cartridge without losing quality.

Our HP 364 compatible ink cartridges all come fully chipped and ready to print when you receive your order, with 99% of customer receiving their compatible HP364 saver pack next day using our free delivery service.

Buy the Cheapest Compatible Twin HP364 Multipack Ink from Internet-ink

The compatible HP364 twin pack is one of the best selling ink cartridge packs at Internet-Ink the reason being our customers understand great value and quality when they see it. All your future ink cartridge orders will receive a further 10% discount on purchases of your compatible HP364 twin multipack and we also delivery directly to your home or business for free by royal mail.

As one of the UK?s biggest suppliers online for ink cartridges we are constantly looking of value and savings for our customers, we offer a customer guarantee to make sure all your inks work smoothly and give you guarantee of 1 year on all your purchases inks. With great after sales support we offer you won?t be stressed or worried buying your HP364XL twin pack inkjet cartridges from Internet-Ink.

Buy HP 364 Compatible Double Multipack Ink Cartridge Pack with FAST FREE UK delivery available with HP 364 compatible ink cartridge twin multipack orders.

This compatible HP 364 XL set is great value for high ink users and the HP 364 multipack comes with free delivery. This HP 364 ink pack contains 10 of our high quality HP compatible ink cartridges, including 2 of each HP 364 inks (excluding the Photo Black) and an addition 2 EXTRA FREE black ink cartridges.

Our HP 364 inks are fully chipped and ready to install without any fuss. Simple to install in your HP printer, the saver pack offers the best value that we offer and quality for your HP 364 printer.

This HP 364 XL compatible 10 pack contains the following ink cartridges:

4X HP 364 XL Compatible Black Ink Cartridge (24ml)
2X HP 364 XL Compatible Cyan Ink Cartridge (15ml)
2X HP 364 XL Compatible Magenta Ink Cartridge (15ml)
2X HP 364 XL Compatible Yellow Ink Cartridge (15ml)

- 10% Off future ink purchases with this compatible HP364 twin pack printer ink.
- Fast Free Delivery to the UK and secure European delivery available.
- 1 year guarantee on all compatible HP364XL saver twin 10 pack ink cartridges.

These HP ink cartridges have been tried and tested and offer great premium value printing and are only available from Internet-ink. We offer you great value with the HP 364 cartridges with a full all-round service and 1 year guarantee to make sure you get the best value and savings from buying your cartridges with us!>

Don't forget to use your 10% discount code which we give to our regular customers to save you even more!

Question & Answer

Are the HP364 inks ready chipped? I have just bought the hp office jet 4620 AirPrint printer. All HP364 ink cartridges and printer ink at internet-ink come ready to slot into your printer with chips. This 10 ink twinpack will work with your officejet 4620 printer.
Hi, can you explain the different ml capacities on each offer please? Each offer varies, ie the one offering 10 cartridges has a capacity of 159ml and the offer of a "taster pack" of 8 has 84 ml capacity. How much does each cartridge hold? Hello. Thank you for your enquiry. Our compatible black cartridge holds 24ml of ink and each colour cartridge holds 15ml. Calculations for the twin pack with 2 free black inks are as follows: 4x 24 + 6x 15= 186ml. As for the taster pack you refer to, it is important to note that it consists of a standard set of 4 genuine HP cartridges and a set of XL compatible inks. Standard genuine black cartridge holds 6ml of ink, colours - 3 ml each, so that's 15ml in total. Our compatible set - 24ml black, 15 ml each of the colours, that's 69ml in a set. 69 + 15= 84ml.
What do you mean by 'excluding photo black'? Some printers compatible with HP 364 cartridges take 4 cartridges, some of them take 5. If the printer has 5 slots, then it takes a larger black cartridge, a thinner black cartridge called photo black, also cyan, magenta and yellow. This twin pack of 10 cartridges is designed for printers with 4 slots as no photo black cartridges are included.
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Compatible HP 364XL Ink Cartridge TWIN Multipack + 2 Free Black Ink [10 Pack] BK/C/M/Y [No Photo Black] - Free UK Delivery


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Great value
Fast, secure and efficient service.
Definitely Number 1!
I have been buying my ink from you for years, and have always been completely happy with the price, the inks, the delivery time, everything. Yesterday I placed an order, and it arrived today: in under 24 hours! Unbelievable! You are definitely Number 1. Thank you.
I love Internet-ink!
I love Internet-ink, always good prices and supplies arrive very quickly
I must give 5 stars
Got my 10-pack of inks yesterday, along with a free Kit-Kat. I have started to use just a black ink cartridge and the quality is good and clear. The speed of service - and its customer care - are very good indeed. I get a discount of 10% when I next order from Internet-ink. I must give 5 stars therefore. I felt for a while that I must see who else out there can offer me cheap, but good-quality COMPATIBLE ink cartridges and so decided to try this company and have not been disappointed. Keep up the good work, team and thank you so much!
Reliable service
Very good ink at a far better price than I have seen any where else. very good fast and reliable service.
Great service
Great service and value of comparable inks which last a long time No complaints about anything. Great company.
Customer service is excellent
Best compatible inks I have used and the customer service is excellent.
Great service
Great service very satisfied customer.
Top quality inks
A* service and quality product
prompt delivery and fantastic products; works just as well as the original cartridges!
great value
Best value compatible cartridges on the market, keep up the offers!
Highly recommend
Very good service which I have used for a very long time Would highly recommend to all my friends and relations.
Great service, Quality products at a Great price
Been using internet-ink for over 5 years for all my ink and toner needs. Never had any problems with their compatible products, great service, quality products at a great price. I have saved hundreds of pounds over the years. Would recommend internet-ink to anyone wanting quality inks and toners at a fraction of the high street price.
Very reasonably priced.
Very quick service and very reasonably priced.
Top quality
Cheap top quality chipped cartridges. Why shop anywhere else?
Arrive promptly
My HP printer always registers my compatible inks even though they are not originals. I really appreciate the low cost of cartridges supplied by Internet-Ink and they always arrive promptly and free of charge. Sadly my printer gave up the ghost this week and I have replaced it with a Canon model. I hope I shall have as good a time with cartridges on the new printer. The discount Internet-Ink provides is an added bonus!
Helpful sales team
Efficient service, items usually arrive next day. Helpful sales team.
Good price
Very good printer cartridges, I have had no problems with them, and a good price too.
Good quality product
Fast delivery of Fast delivery of good quality product at a reasonable a reasonable cost.
Best value
Best value. the best.



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