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The FlexMarker has a soft ink flow brush-tip, and is ideal for general illustration and student applications. The 12 Sets provide base selections of essential colours in a conveniently packaged ‘one-stop’ format.Letraset Flexmarkers come in contrasting colours offering an array of markers depending on the type of designs you’re creating. Flexmarkers come with a double end, yet what makes them different is that they have a unique brush end to create smooth brush strokes, yet having the feel of using a pen.With the use of blending your Letraset Flexmarker you can create many different styles and designs with your art work and they also allow you to blend wet and wet.


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Some Quick Letraset Flexmarker FAQ’s


How do I prime a Flexmarker?


Find a scrap piece of paper and create circular motions with your Flexmarker until you get colour coming out of your pen. Priming will only have to be done once. Priming is complete when you have full colour shades, if your Flexmarker pens seem to be light, then continue priming until you’re happy with the colour shade. Flexmarkers come in many different shades so use the colour comparison which you get with your Flexmarker pack as a guide.