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All Micro SD Cards By Size
All Micro SD Cards By Size
Kingston Micro SD Cards
Kingston Micro SD Cards
SanDisk Micro SD Cards
SanDisk Micro SD Cards

Buy Micro SD Cards from Internet-Ink with Free Delivery and 1 year guarantee all Micro SD Card memory orders.

Great Value Micro SD Cards Online

Internet-Ink stock a lot of great value Micro SD Card items in our online store which are ideal for all types of devices including cameras, mobile phones and any type of multimedia devices. Simply put SD means “secure digital” card.

Which Micro SD Card should I Purchase?

A Micro SD Card is a memory storage card that fits into your device to allow you store data, record and store all those photographs or music that you have. Most printers, cameras and mobile phones will tell you if they have a Micro SD Card slot to allow you to instantly print picture from one device to the next.

With such a vast array of Micro SD Cards to buy it can be quite confusing, there are 3 types of micro sd card types including the SD (secure digital) , SDHC (secure digital high capacity) and SDXC (secure digital extended capacity). All the micro sd cards go up in size from more memory to the next, so depending on how many photos or videos you’re planning to use depends on the size of card you can purchase.

Internet-Ink stock a huge variety of micro sd cards from big brands in the memory business including Kingston, SanDisk, Transcend and Verbatim.

What Sizes do Micro SD Cards Come In?

Here we can show micro sd class explained in simple terms. Micro SD cards can fall into the range of 16GB to 64GB for everyday use which is more than enough for most of us and general use. There are also more 128GB cards coming available and which technology growing they are becoming faster and bigger in terms of how we can use them. The codes microSDHC and microSDXC are great by allowing us to find out what size card will work in the media device. We would advise to check your device specs on your camera, phone or media device which will tell you what works with microSDHC, then you’ll want to choose a card that’s around 32GB depending on what you need it for. If it’s compatible with microSDXC, then you can use those same cards and they also go up to a theoretical maximum of 2TB. The largest currently available is 512GB card.

What is the Fastest Micro SD Card Class?

Micro SD Cards come in all shapes, speeds and sizes and to get the best value for your device, check the compatibility first to make sure you can use this memory card. Each card comes with a speed class which helps decide what you need from your SD card. Speed classes come in class 2, class 4, class 6 and class 10 with a further class in UHS sd card which is 10, 30 all in megabytes. Your device should tell you the minimum requirements which you need to get the fastest speeds for video, photo capture, reading and writing data, this is all displayed in the card.

Micro SD Card Purchases with Free Delivery from Internet-Ink

Once you choose your Micro SD Card simply add it to your basket and checkout on the Internet-Ink secure online store, all orders come with fast FREE UK delivery direct to your door. We have other delivery options, if you want your memory micro sd card quicker. There’s in no need to wonder which or where to buy micro sd cards as Internet-Ink will make sure you can get the right memory cards for you. If you need any help our customer support team will be happy to point you in the right direction.