How to save on printer ink

2014-02-07 10:36:41

Published on 2014-02-07 10:36:41

Want to save on printer ink? Here are a few tips that could help.

Everyone would like to reduce the amount they spend on printer ink, especially with some brands charging excessive amounts for ink cartridges. However, there are changes you can make to the way you use your printer to make sure you get the most out of your ink.


The Printer

When you are buying a printer, you should look for one with a low cost per page. Although, this isn't the only thing you should consider when buying a new machine, it is a top concern for many buyers - especially if you are a business that will print a high number of pages every day. Ink or toner costs tend to be related to the expense of the machine itself so it's important to weigh this up when you first invest in the printer. For example, high-end laser printers often have very low costs per page but budget-friendly inkjets often have higher ink costs. It's important to weigh this up to find the right balance for your home or office.


Print Preview

Make sure you look at what you are sending to print before you actually make the order. If you are printing off webpages you can often accidentally order thousands of comments or terms and conditions. This can be extremely wasteful and you may not realise until you have a look at the paper.


Do you really need to print?

By being more careful about what you print and using tools such as print selection you can avoid unnecessary wastage of ink. With mobile devices becoming used more often by people in the workplace, as well as at home, it's important to think whether you need to print off a document or just email it around for people to read on the screen?


Printer setting.

It's also worth checking your printer settings. Nearly all documents will allow you to select a Quick Print or Draft version of a document. This uses less ink and can be ideal if you just need a document printing and the quality doesn't really matter. Although this can mean that the ink can be paler than normal, it is usually sufficient enough to read comfortably and can be ideal for business users as it prints much faster than higher quality pages.


Posted by James T Graves.

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