HP Error Codes and How to Fix Them

2019-06-07 11:01:39

Published on 2019-06-07 11:01:39

HP error codes are common when your printer has a fault or is not working. The printer will display a message on either the printer or on the computer.

Find the common HP error codes to help you get the right issue to fix your printer with an error code.

How to Clear HP Error Codes on Your Printer

In most cases a simple printer cable with reset will clear the HP error message by following these simple steps:

- Turn the printer on (unless it is already switched on).

- Wait until the printer is in stationery mode before you continue.

- Whilst the printer is on, unplug the power cable from the back of the printer.

- Remove the power cord from the plug socket.

- Wait at least 60 seconds.

- Plug the power cable back into the plug socket and reconnect the power cable to the back of the printer.

- Turn on the printer.

- Wait until the printer is silent and see if this has cleared the error message.

If the reset doesn’t work then have a look through the HP error codes below to find a problem and solution. Also check your printer manual for further information.

HP Error Code 02 Warming Up

This HP printer problem is commonly associated with driver or printer cable problems. Turn the printer off and on then this error message should disappear.

If this doesn’t work. Turn off the printer and take out the power cable for 30 seconds, remove the printer cable and turn it back on.

If this doesn’t fix the issue there may be a hardware problem.

HP Error Code 10 Supplies Memory Error

Your printer has a problem with the printer cartridge chip, which it's having trouble reading. This could be due to it being dislodged, scratched or not installed in the printer correctly.

The printer is having difficulty with a toner cartridge chip in that it's unable to read it. Turn off the printer and take out the power cable for 30 seconds, remove the printer cable and turn it back on.

Try reinstalling the printer cartridge and if the problem persists it could be a hardware fault.

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