Can you print if one cartridge is empty?

2020-07-30 11:54:46

Published on 2020-07-30 11:54:46

To print when one printer cartridge is empty you can adjust your printer settings .

It can depend on your printer.

Printers stop you printing if one cartridge is out of ink, making you buy more ink.

Do I need both ink cartridges to print?

In most printers when one ink cartridge runs out.

The printer will not print until the cartridge has been replaced.

Some printer settings may allow you to print for a short period before you need a replacement.

Change your print settings to print in grayscaleblack only, or sometimes it will be called single cartridge mode.

(To see your printing preferences on desktop)

Click on the start menu and then select the option for the control panel and select printer and faxes. Right-click on your default printer and select printing preferences from the menu and the colour tab in printing preferences to see your appropriate options.

What do I do if my ink cartridge is empty?

If you are out of black ink and want to print with colour cartridge, see if the printer has a colour only setting or single cartridge mode.

Printing with an empty cartridge may damage the print-head or suck up air into the printer and may cause blockages, which could cause some problems when you replace the printer cartridge.

Always keep a backup of cartridges so that when you come to use your printer your can replace them when needed.

If you need to replace your ink cartridges make sure your purchase from internet-ink.

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