8 Fountain Pens for Presents


There are so many different types of fountain pen available that it is hard to decide which to choose. Getting the most out of your pen, whether that be how it writes, its feel or its style is made all the trickier with the vast array of pens on offer. For a comfortable writing experience, there are a few fountain pen tips you can follow, but finding the right pen for you is key, so here are 8 of the best fountain pens.  Internet-ink is here to help you choose the perfect pen for yourself or for a present. If you can't find your perfect fountain pen here check out our full range of fountain pens at Internet ink.

  8 Fountain Pens for Presents

1.  Cross 886-3MS ATX Basalt Black With Chrome Plated Appointments Fountain Pen

2. Cross Spire Black Lacquer Fountain Pen AT0566-4MD

Cross fountain pens)

3. Parker Duofold Black Pearl International Fountain Pen S0767480

Parker Fountain pens)

4. Parker Duofold Lapis Lazuli Centennial Fountain Pen 1907183

5. Parker Urban Premium Amethyst Pearl Fountain Pen 1906861

RRP: £56.50 | Internet-ink’s Price: £38.38

This strikingly contemporary colour, is a true design statement yet also inspired by a historic finish. The boldly coloured Parker Urban Premium Amethyst Pearl pen supplements the 2014 Vacumatic range. Featuring a sandblasted aluminium barrel with engraved pattern, a glossy black colour section, glossy chrome colour trim and a stainless steel medium nib, including a long blue ink cartridge, this Parker pen is stylish and functional.

6. Sheaffer Agio Brushed Chrome Barrel With 22k Gold Trim Fountain Pen 453-0

Sheaffer fountain pens)

7. Sheaffer Intensity Carbon Fibre CT Fountain Pen 9234-0M

8. Waterman Perspective Black CT Fountain Pen S0830680

many more in our online pen shop. If you're having trouble finding a pen just contact our customer service team who will be happy to help. Order today to get the perfect fountain pen, for the perfect present. You can check out our full range of fountain pens for sale in our UK online shop.