Cleaning Cartridge Instructions

Installing and using ink cartridges is second nature for many people. As our cleaning cartridges are essentially ink cartridges filled with a specially formulated cleaning solution, installing them is identical to the installation of any ink cartridge.


This guide is not aimed at those that have become accustomed to the installation and use of cartridges. This is by no means a technical guide, nor is it meant to be so. Instead, it is designed for the use of beginners, and hence is very simple, with few technical terms. This short checklist will hopefully act as guide to improve the chances of everything working first time.


Due to the large range of ink jet printers on the market today it would be almost impossible to cover every detail of the specific print software supplied with every printer. As a result this guide is very general, and only addresses the most common errors and points of note in most printers.


Installation and Use


After time or long periods of disuse your print heads can become blocked by dirt, grime and dried ink. This will often disrupt printing and you will notice a pronounced loss in quality. Using our cleaning cartridges you can safely flush away the blockages and, if done regularly, even prolong the life of your printer.


Use the cleaning cartridge under the following circumstances:


  • White lines occur when printing documents or images.
  • Broken lines occur in nozzle check pattern.
  • Ink does not come down during printing.
  • Printer is used again after a long period of disuse.
  • It is to be used before replacing a normal ink cartridge.


Cleaning Cartridge Step By Step Instructions


Firstly, download our "Cleaning Sheet". This is a PDF document specifically designed to maximise cleaning fluid usage for deep cleaning print heads and nozzles. Download Cleaning Sheet here.


Take out the cleaning cartridges from the bag. holding the cleaning cartridge upside down so as to prevent spillage. Remove the transport clip and tear off the tape.


Do not touch the chip with your bare hands, do not not squeeze the cleaning cartridge after peeling off the tape, and make sure you install the cartridge immediately after unpacking.


Install the cleaning cartridge in the same way as you install a new ink cartridge. If you purchased a chipped cleaning cartridge and the printer doesn’t recognise it, reinstall until the printer shows 'OK'. Once the cleaning cartridge has been installed in to the printer follow through the applicable prompts, usually choosing the options ‘Yes’ and ‘OK' when asked.


Run the printer's cleaning cycle twice following printer operation cleaning instructions (check your printer settings menu).


Print the cleaning sheet at least twice (see above), this will run the cleaning fluid through your printheads. Print clarity will drop until your printer is printing blank pages (no ink). If your printed pages still show ink continue to print the cleaning page. Once the cleaning sheet is blank, cleaning is complete and you may remove the cleaning cartridges from your printer.


If you are still seeing ink residue on your print outs, try leaving the cleaning cartridges in your printer overnight (or 12 hours), this allows the cleaning solution withint he cartridges to break down dry ink and filter through your printer.


Take out the cleaning cartridges after cleaning and install your new ink cartridges (see storing your cleaning cartridges below). Clean the print head twice again once you have installed your new ink cartridges. Print quality will improve once you have printed a few pages. Continue printing until print quality returns to normal. You should have clear unbroken prints.


Storing Your Cleaning Cartridges


Wipe any excess liquid from the cleaning cartridge with kitchen paper and seal the liquid exit with sticky tape, this prevents the cartridge from drying out. Put the cleaning cartridge into a sealed bag. Seal the bag and return to the box until further use. Try not to cover the chip with sticky tape when resealing. Store the cleaning cartridge carefully. Remember to take off the sticky tape before the cartridge is installed for another use. The coloured liquid in the cleaning cartridge is for testing only and not for normal printing


If the cleaning cartridge is used following these instructions, no damage will be done to either the printhead or the printer.

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