Compatible Ink Cartridges

So what makes the compatible ink cartridges the best buy made by Internet-ink so special?

Typically our compatible ink cartridges contain over double the volume of ink that original ink cartridges contain allowing more prints with each cartridge. Specially developed ink produced by FadeTech Inks "Fade Resistant Technologies Ltd" of Germany.
The ink with our compatible ink cartridges contains a small amount of cleaning solution that stops the ink clogging the printer heads. Our compatible ink cartridges will not affect your printers warranty. An ink cartridge is a consumable item and not a part of the printer, so will never invalidate a warranty.
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Best Buy Quality Epson, Canon, HP & Brother Printer Ink Cartridges

Our Compatible Epson, Canon & Brother Ink Cartridges. The UK ink cartridge market is flooded with cheap low quality printer ink cartridges from the far east.
Not only do these compatible ink cartridges generally produce poor results when used by the customer, they also increase unnecessary calls to the customer support team. It is understandable why OEM`s are using legal means to remove these poor quality imitation ink cartridges from the UK ink cartridge market.

Compatible Epson Ink Cartridges here at Internet-ink we have a different business model. We have taken the time to find the best ink manufacturer in the world, a German company called OCP Inks.
We have put this together with a new design of ink cartridge case that tries to not simply be a copy of an original Epson ink cartridge.

We have our own ink release system that allows for a smooth flow of ink from the ink cartridge into the printers head. The internal design of the ink cartridge allows us to generally fill the cartridge with at least double times that of on original Epson ink cartridge.
For example, our new compatible Epson T0711 series contains a massive 12ml black and 10ml colour of ink compared to an original Epson T0711 ink cartridge having just 6.5ml.

Great Quality Compatible HP Ink Cartridges

Our compatible HP ink cartridges use a superior preparation method which is the key to our great quality HP compatible ink cartridges.
All the empty original cartridges that we use in the manufacture of our compatible HP ink cartridges are flushed of any residual ink, then boil washed with a high pressure vacuum washer.

This system allows the inside & outside of the cartridge to be flushed with our own ink cleaning solution. The result of this process is a perfectly clean but wet empty ink cartridge. In order to dry the ink cartridge we use a centrifuge & a vacuum oven.
The centrifuge spins out most of remaining cleaning solution before the empty cartridges are placed in our vauum ovens which evaporates all the remaining solution out of the ink cartridge without heating the cartridge above 40°C, thus not damaging the ink cartridge. Before being filled with ink the empty ink cartridge is electronically tested by our CBR testing rigs.

Compatible Ink Cartridge Checking System

The CBR rigs can test every single nozzle within the ink cartridge. You may not realise that an ink cartridges head consists of up to 700 individual nozzles that release ink onto the page. Now the empty ink cartridge is ready to be filled with ink.
The interior of the ink cartridge is simply a special type of sponge that stops the ink from sloshing around within the cartridge.

We inject our ink into the empty ink cartridge with in a vacuum chamber so that as the ink is injected into the cartridge the air is removed by the vacuum with in the chamber. The result is an ink cartridge containing ink, not air bubbles.
The ink cartridge is now tested in both a CBR printer rig & an actual printer. This gets the ink flowing or primes the cartridge ready for you to use.

The ink cartridge is now ready to be sealed with our Bowajet cartclip transport clip which not only protects the head and body of the cartridge but also seals the ink head of the cartridge so colours do not mix and spoil the ink cartridge. Now labelled and vacuum sealed in an antistatic bag, the process is complete.

Shop for your cheap, quality ink cartridges at Internet-ink now.

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