Compatible Dell 23 Black and Colour Ink Cartridge TWIN PACK

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Dell 23 Compatible Black and Colour Ink Cartridge TWIN PACK
Based on 1 Review

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Dell 23 Original Black and Colour Ink Cartridge TWIN PACK
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This Dell 23 Compatible Black and Colour TWIN PACK offers great savings on buying the black and colour together, whilst saving money and helping the environment in the process. The Dell 21 Compatible Black and Colour TWIN PACK contains:

  • Dell 23 Compatible High Capacity Black Ink Cartridge
  • Dell 23 Compatible High Capacity Colour Ink Cartridge

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1 Year Guarantee
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My Dell 21 22 23 24 compatible ink cartridge won't print.

Follow these installation instructions to get the best out of your Dell compatible 21, 22, 23,24 ink cartridges.


1. When installing, first remove the yellow air seal and then remove the orange ink protection clip.


2. Do not take out the ink cartridge until it is empty to until you are ready to install the new replacement. There may be a warning note when using replacement cartridge that states "installing an inkjet cartridge different from the original cartridge may cause printout problems, do you still want to continue?" In this case, please choose "YES" and then continue the operation as normal.


3. When you install a new ink cartridge, the printer may indicate that the cartridge is out of ink or empty. In this case you will need to do the following: Peel the label until you see the chip with a black carbon line or a small contact. Use a blade or other tool to break the black carbon line or the small contact (notice: when break the black carbon line, please press the end of the chip to avoid the chip being lopsided) Stick the label back on. Reinstall the ink cartridge to the printer.


4. After installation of the cartridge leave, leave the printer for a few minutes, then perform a print nozzle check, if the checking pattern is imperfect, you may need to perform a nozzle checking pattern.


Any further help please contact our support team on 0800 612 0874

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