Letraset ProMarker Other Uses Tutorial

What else can I do with my markers?

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What else can I do with my ProMarkersColouring Ribbon:

I have started with seven basic white ribbons 1. organza 2. gross grain 3. satin 4. cheap acrylic lace 5. paper printed 6. ric-rac 7. raffia.


Place your ribbon onto a piece of plain white paper securing it each end with some type of re-positional glue, so that it doesn't move about too much while you are colouring.


When colouring your ribbons you need to use smooth even strokes all going the same way, try not to go over the same area twice unless you want the colour to be darker. You will see from the results I have coloured the blue one slightly darker at each end so you can see the effect.


I have chosen three colours, blossom, coca and pearl blue so you can see how well the pens take to all the different types of ribbons.


What else can I do with my ProMarkersColouring Gems:

Here is another great use for our favourite pens. I have used some clear papermania adhesive stones and simply coloured them with my promarkers.


I have chosen three different colours to show the effect. Yellow, Poppy and Amethyst.


They dry very quickly and as you can see the colour looks great, they will now match your cards perfectly.


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