Top Five Apple Printers Revealed

2009-12-14 09:02:09

Published on 2009-12-14 09:02:09

Before iPhones and Tablet computers, Apple was a well known printer manufacturer, making top of the range units for use with their systems.

These printers form a significant part of the company's history, according to Macworld's Benj Edwards.

Far from being similar to the sleek inkjets of today's market, these older models were hefty and large.

Mr Edwards listed some of the top models from Apple's printing heyday, including the Apple LaserWriter 8500, the last model produced by the company in August 1997.

This is significant, he asserted, as it symbolises a particular time in Apple's business history.

He wrote: "Apple endured a famously bad financial first half of the 1990s, and while cleaning house around 1997, Apple decided that printers weren't part of its core business. Apple downsized its printer division and ceased work on new printers, but still produced a few models - like the 8500 - until 1999."

Other printers on the list included 1991's Apple StyleWriter, the company's first inkjet model, and the thermal Apple Silentype, the firm's first ever printer


Apple has released a patch containing printer drivers for older printing devices on their Snow Leopard operating system (OS).

Previously, the OS had suffered from serious compatibility issues with older printers, particularly more aged HP devices.

The update also contains drivers which cover Lexmark, Canon and Brother models, as the problems were found to be prevalent among machines that utilised older-style networking systems to connect to printers and copiers.

It also contains a new function that will list all nearby printers and copy devices in the user's print dialogue box.

The update also features bug-fixes for other functions, such as sound, swipe gestures and improves the performance levels of the VoiceOver, iWork, iLife, Aperture, MobileMe, iDisk and Final Cut Studio applications.

This brings Apple's Snow Leopard, which was originally released in August this year, up to version 10.6.2

Posted by Ramsey DeHani.

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