Canon Launches New Tools For Printer Ink Cartridge Vendors

2010-02-04 17:44:42

Published on 2010-02-04 17:44:42

A new website to help Canon's printer and ink cartridge resellers better market the products has gone live

Resellers of Canon's range of printers and ink cartridges have been given new tools by the company to help with the sales and marketing of the products.

PartnerNet, the new website from the printer and ink manufacturer, will be split into four sections to better help vendors.

As well as marketing and sales zones, which contain feautures which assist resellers in their Canon marketing campaigns and offer methods of contacting the manufacturer for support, the site will also give vendors access to Canon employees to discuss any issues.

Pat Marlow, distribution channel director for Canon, said: "We are very pleased that PartnerNet is now live and ready. The portal will allow us the opportunity to work with new and existing customers in the IT Reseller channel.

"I believe that companies who sign up to the site will experience strong commercial benefits of access to the sales and marketing materials online and I look forward to jointly creating and supporting demand amongst end users for purchasing Canon products".

By Ramsey Dehani

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