Best allinone printers debated

2010-03-11 17:34:53

Published on 2010-03-11 17:34:53

A recent blog posting has debated the relative merits of three all-in-one printers, coming to a startling conclusion.

All-in-one printers are an in vogue piece of equipment for offices all over the globe, be it for home office needs or even for small to medium-sized business, but which one on sale in the UK is the best?

A blog posting on compared the HP Photosmart C4680, the Canon MP490 and the Samsung SCX-4600 in a bid to try and find the best to go for.

The HP model was highly rated for its compact size, simple navigation, printing speeds (seven pages per minute of standard text) and quality of photo printing.

Canon's offering is considered "good, reliable, user friendly and easy on the eye" but is criticised when it comes to affordability with its ink cartridges and the model itself coming under financial scrutiny.

Finally, the Samsung number is rated as a solid "workhorse", but unlike the Canon it is highly rated for its "not too expensive" toner cartridges.

In summary the author wrote: "If you need an all in one machine for general household use then either the Canon or the HP will serve you well. Perhaps, if you are going to print out more photos, the Canon is the slightly better buy."

By Barry Ashmore

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