New Canon Printer Gets Marked Down for High Printer Ink Costs

2010-06-07 16:27:27

Published on 2010-06-07 16:27:27

Canon's new Pixma MX350 multi-function printer is a good all-round machine, though users may be frustrated by its high printer ink costs.

That's the view of the Washington Post, whose review of the device praised its versatility, noting that it has a number of major strengths that help it stand out from its rivals. In particular, the US newspaper praised the MX350 for its usability, with connecting to the ethernet or to a USB device straightforward, and its 2.5-inch LCD menu aiding both business and home users to navigate around its many extras, including state-of-the-art scanning and printing apps.

However, while also crediting Canon with producing a fast-performing machine, with a speed of 5.7 pages per minute consistent across both Mac and PC platforms, the review noted that "the MX350's costs per page are higher than average". As such, this high printer ink cost means that "anyone who prints more than a few pages a day should look for a model with lower-cost consumables", the review concluded.

However, PC World Australia has praised the Canon Pixma MX350 for being one of the more cost-effective printers available to small business users.

By Johnny McMaster

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