Sparing Printer Ink Users Best Served By Canon Offering

2010-06-08 09:04:07

Published on 2010-06-08 09:04:07

Individuals who only require the use of printer ink sparingly may be those who are best suited to purchasing the Canon Pixma MX340 printer, it has been suggested.

A review of the colour inkjet multifunction model by PC Advisor highlighted that those working at home or in a small office may find that the printer suffices to their demands.

Print quality is described as being "fairly good", although it is the cost of the printer ink that may put off many perspective buyers.

The review notes that the cost of both the high-yield ink and the traditional ink are expensive, with the costs per page being higher than average.

Meanwhile, the black printer ink may prove especially costly to replace, with all of the text samples being printed in pure black.

Overall, PC Advisor stated: "If your print volume is low, you might be able to weather these costs, but if you plan to print a lot, step up to the Canon Pixma MX870 or another model that uses less expensive inks."

The Washington Post recently highlighted that the Canon Pixma MX350 was another that was let down by high ink costs.

By Canzil Ahmed

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