Canon Printer Uses Ink to Create Coated Paper

2010-06-09 10:11:04

Published on 2010-06-09 10:11:04

Individuals looking for a little more gloss from the documents they print may want to consider an inkjet printer from Canon.

Theodore Beach, a long time member of the Chicago Cartridge Team, has praised the Canon Pixma MX7600 printer for its Pigment Reaction technology. Writing for World Wide Posts, Mr Beach noted that the technology ensures there is no need for a user to head out to the shops to purchase some glossy paper.

This is because it adds a layer of clear ink to regular printing paper, which essentially creates a coated paper that is able to provide some very striking results. Furthermore, individuals can expect the device to use up 10.5 pages of printer ink each minute when documents are printed through the draft setting and this decreases to two pages when the best quality setting is selected.

Meanwhile, it is also explained by Mr Beach that the multi-purpose printer profits from built-in ethernet support and a flash memory drive. Canon states that preventing ink wastage is supported in the printer thanks to all single ink tanks being able to be replaced separately.

By Johnny McMaster

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