New York Residents Used Printer To Make Fake Cash

2011-02-22 08:38:55

Published on 2011-02-22 08:38:55

A gang of New York twenty-somethings have been accused of using a printer that uses ink cartridges to make fake $10 and $20 dollar bills to pay for food at restaurants.

Four people – 20-year-old Anthony Paris, 24-year-old Kristy Guilds, 20-year-old Jeremy Rowe, and 20-year-old Mitch McQuaid – from the city of Oswego in the state, have been charged with conspiracy to make and pass off counterfeit bills, the Associated Press reports.

It is alleged that in June last year, the group took a Canon Pixma printer from the city of Buffalo to a residence in Oswego.

There, they used the machine to print the fake cash, spending one note at a McDonalds restaurant and trying to spend others at two other venues.

Counterfeit ink cartridges are a massive problem, particularly in the US. According to the Imaging Supplies Coalition, one out of 20 brand-name ink cartridges sold in the country are fake, reports

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