Ink Firm Canon Announce Retirement Its US Life Science Divisions CE

2011-05-11 08:34:19

Published on 2011-05-11 08:34:19

Ink, camera and printer manufacturer Canon has announced the retirement of its chief executive of US Life Science.

Takayoshi Hanagata will leave the company on July 31st and will also step down as chairman of the Virginia division and the industrial resources technologies department.

Mr Hanagata joined the firm's US region back in 2003 and became Canon Virginia chair in January 2010.

Joe Adachi, president and chief executive of Canon US, told "The expansion and growth of Canon Virginia under Mr. Hanagata's leadership has been remarkable."

He added that growth in the last eight years in producing high-quality and world class devices has made the department a key centre in the US region.

Recently, the printer and ink manufacturer announced that Nocson Collaborations has released a new software solution called EasyConnect to be used with Canon's imageFORMULA DR-Series scanner line.

The firms hope the partnership will make capturing and indexing images simpler for consumers using cloud computing solutions.

Posted by Jamie Foster

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