Canon USA Launches Countrywide Ink Cartridge Recycling Campaign

2011-09-29 08:51:58

Published on 2011-09-29 08:51:58

Canon has furthered its bid to be seen as an environmentally responsible company as it launched a nationwide ink cartridge recycling programme today, in partnership with FedEx, Sims Recycling Solutions and Close the Door.

Those using Canon PIXMA printers will now be able to drop off genuine Canon cartridges at any one of over 1,600 FedEx Print and Ship Centers across the US.

The empty ink cartridges will eventually reach Close the Loop, which specialises in removing components of ink cartridges to be used in other products.

The latest move is part of Canon's Generation Green initiative, which Yuichi Ishizuka, executive vice president and general manager, imaging technologies and communications, said was a reaction to consumers becoming more aware of the environmental responsibilities everyone has.

"Environmental responsibility and awareness have always been a top priority for Canon, and recycling is one of the simplest yet most beneficial aspects of this," he added.

Canon's Generation Green initiative is designed to educate customers and consumers of the environmental and potentially cost-cutting benefits of ventures such as this.

Posted by Jamie Foster.

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