Canon Pixma iP7220 Printer Reviewed By Computer Shopper

2013-03-11 16:48:41

Published on 2013-03-11 16:48:41

The Canon Pixma Ip7220 printer has been praised for its exceptional photo output.

William Harrel from Computer Shopper explained that the system is capable of producing impressive photos and documents, but is affected by a general slowness as well as pricey ink.

Mr Harrel went on to say that the machine is easy to use, though he cited a lack of Wi-Fi connectivity as a drawback.

"If you’re looking for a very strong photo printer at a low-as-possible entry price, choose the iP7220.

"If you need something better-rounded, though—something that doesn’t cost so much to use, and that can scan and copy—there are plenty of deserving competitors to consider," he concluded.

Kodak, Xerox and HP are among the other companies that have other machines for people to consider as an alternative.

It is vital that running costs are taken into account, or consumers could be left with a machine that will cost them large amounts of money in the long run.

Posted by Canzil Ahmed.

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