Canon Pixma MX925 Produces Photo Lab Quality Output

2013-04-12 16:50:24

Published on 2013-04-12 16:50:24

The Canon Pixma MX925 printer has been praised for its wide variety of features.

Writing for Digital Versus, Marine Goy said that the machine has "got it all", citing its Wi-Fi, Ethernet connectivity and advanced paper handling as beneficial features for consumers.

One of the few criticisms from Ms Goy was based around the system's navigation, as she explained that there is a lack of a touchscreen and the buttons on the machine are not always intuitive.

"The Pixma MX925 is a great photo printer. In photo mode, the colours come out less saturated than on most Canon printers and the ink droplets are completely invisible. The pictures look precise, the detail in the original file is correctly reproduced and the resolution is excellent," she noted.

The printer market boasts a wide array of different models, offering specific capabilities to suit individual consumer needs.

Although customers may be swayed by one of the first printers they see, it is important for them to fully assess the market to identify a machine that meets their needs.

Posted by Barry Ashmore.

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