Canon launches app for mobile control in Canada

2014-02-13 14:55:12

Published on 2014-02-13 14:55:12

Printing expert Canon has launched a free app aimed at business users across Canada.


The Mobile Scanning for Business app works with Apple smartphones and iPads to improve flexibility when it comes to printing and scanning. Once the app is downloaded, users can receive scanned data from other compatible devices on their handset and can then easily upload documents onto the cloud from the app.


To get the software working, business users just need to search for printers in wireless broadcast range and the app will then save them for future reference. You can also manually type in the IP address of a printer. Users can then easily navigate between listed printers within the app and scan print jobs as either jpeg files or as PDFs. The program allows you to select the scan resolution, paper size, file format, colour mode, and whether you want two-sided scanning right from the app.


Posted by Barry Ashmore.

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