New Dell ink goes on sale

2010-02-16 08:44:10

Published on 2010-02-16 08:44:10

Dell has released new environmentally-friendly ink cartridges

International electronics manufacturer Dell has launched its new range of ink cartridges.

Dell NextLife Ink is made from recycled ink cartridges so as to minimise waste as the firm suspects that approximately 400 million ink cartridges are dumped in landfill sites in the US alone every year.

It is estimated that if only one per cent of these were recycled in a similar way to Dell's new ink cartridges, then it would be a carbon footprint saving equating to the planting of roughly 15,000 trees.

A representative from Dell said: "You not only get the peace of mind that you are helping the environment you also get great savings as well. NextLife compared to HP shows a savings of up to 30 per cent a page yield of up to 20 per cent and reliability is excellent especially with the money back guarantee they offer.

"Everyone wants to do their part these days to help the environment especially for the next generations. Now you can by simply choosing an environmentally friendly ink cartridge the NextLife Ink."

By Ramsey DeHani

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