Printer And Technology Firm Dell Invest 1 Billion USD In Cloud Technology

2011-04-11 08:43:50

Published on 2011-04-11 08:43:50

Computer and printer manufacturer Dell has announced it will invest $1 billion (£600 million) in cloud-based technology services to help drive and innovate customers in the virtual era.

The money will provide solutions and information to help customers using the new technology gain the most benefits.

Steve Schuckenbrock, president of Dell Service, said: "Technology advances, delivery methods and the move to disruptive IT models like cloud are changing the fundamental way businesses operate.

 "With this transformational shift, businesses are gaining benefits in terms of speed to market and organisational and computer flexibility."

He wants to see the investment support and further organisations using cloud computing.

On top of this, Dell will build a number of efficient data centres, which will help all firms access cloud technologies and how to use them.

Recently, the technology and printer firm announced it would be supporting Sheffield Hallam University's efforts to improve its virtual storage capacity and become more energy efficient.

Posted by Barry Ashmore

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