Dell Announces Departure Of Global Marketing Chief

2013-07-17 08:30:04

Published on 2013-07-17 08:30:04

Dell has confirmed that its global marketing chief has now left the company.

Kathy Schneider is leaving the firm after originally joining in 1999, and it is believed she has taken up a post with another company, reports

Greg Davis, global commercial channel vice president and general manager at Dell, revealed to the website that global certified partner programme executive director Bob Skelley will lead the consolidated group, meaning Schneider’s team will join up with his own.

In a statement released to the news provider, Mr Davis said: “Skelley has been a key leader on our channel team for the past five years, We believe this is a great opportunity to provide better support to our channel partners and customers and increase our overall capability in the channel organisation.”

Ms Schneider has been contacted for comments on the situation, but is yet to speak publicly about the matter.

Posted by Canzil Ahmed.

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