Help Needed To Set Up New Epson Large Format Printers

2010-01-21 08:50:06

Published on 2010-01-21 08:50:06

Printer ink customers should know what they have "gotten themselves into" if they purchased one of the two new Epson large format printer models, the 7900 and 9900.

This is according to Jon Canfield, writing for the Photography Blog, who said that the printers are so big that they have to be delivered on a palette.

"Don't plan on unpacking and setting it up all by your lonesome. While the 7880 is large (about 110 lbs), the 7900 is a monster that weighs about 190 lbs," he explained on the website.

Mr Canfield went on to say that two or more people are required to get the print together and on to its stand, although Epson's "excellent documentation" makes this process easier than it could have otherwise been.

Once the printer has been assembled, the ink lines can be charged. There are 11 inks to be installed, with new models coming with a 110ml starter set.

Approximately half of this is consumed during the set-up period, so Mr Canfield recommends that additional ink cartridges are purchased.

Epson says the 7900 is able to deliver "amazing accuracy and consistency" across the colour spectrum.

By Giles Franklin.

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