Epson Tech Allows For iPhone And Android Printing Apps

2010-01-26 09:47:04

Published on 2010-01-26 09:47:04

Printer and ink cartridge manufacturer Epson has announced that its open-source development kit, the ESC/P-R library, allows all of the company's printer models to operate on a single driver.

The software has already been used to develop apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch, as CyCom Technology Corp.’s CyPria application for handsets which incorporate the Android software.

This application, including the Epson Print app for Apple's devices, allows users to send their photographs directly to a printer through Wi-Fi connectivity, eliminating the need for cables and for computer software to change the format of the smartphone's picture.

A spokesperson for the company said: "ESC/P-R allows many kinds of devices to connect and communicate with Epson printers, expanding possibilities for use with medical equipment, measuring equipment, electronic whiteboards, and at home with home electronics and games consoles.

By Elaine Richards.

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