Bring Light To Recycled Epson Ink Cartridges

2010-02-10 19:18:53

Published on 2010-02-10 19:18:53

An innovative way to recycle Epson ink cartridges has been found in North Carolina

A designer has come up with an innovative way to recycle ink cartridges.

To stop more and more of the units ending up in landfill sites, shops in Durham, North Carolina, have started selling lamps and chandeliers made of discarded Epson ink cartridges, reported the Technabob blog.

LowellAndLouise and boxlightbox, both in the US town, use the variety of colours available to create ambient lighting for different moods as well.

Ink cartridge colours that have been used to create the fixtures, which are fully functional and wired to provide light, include matte black, cyan, light-cyan, magenta, light-magenta, yellow, light-black and light-light-black depending on your mood.

They are also available as single lamps, box pendants and eight-cartridge chandeliers that users can hang in their homes.

The stores use the ink cartridges by first scrubbing both the interior and exterior clean of all ink residue, drilling through them and emptying out their components before wiring the inside to provide ample light.

By Elaine Richard

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