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2010-02-23 08:00:01

Published on 2010-02-23 08:00:01

Epson Ink Cartridges Last Even Longer

The ever popular Epson T0711 series including the Epson multipack T0715 all contain 6.5ml of ink when bought in the original version. You will find high quality photo prints and clear bright text are produced when using these original Epson ink cartridges.

In a blind test we took photos and text prints produced by our own brand compatible Epson T0711 series printer ink cartridges and mixed them up with the same prints from Epson original cartridges.

We gave the testers a choice of either print or a "no difference" option. The results did not surprise us.

Out of the test group of 62 people, 18 picked Epson , 15 picked our own brand compatibles with the most common answer being " no difference " by the other 29 testers.

Combined with the higher ink volume per cartridges and prices as low as 25% that of the original Epson cartridges, we suggest you gine them a try.

By James Burton.

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