Epson PX650 Printer Reviewed

2010-03-24 17:01:55

Published on 2010-03-24 17:01:55

Individuals and families in the market for a new printer may be interested to hear that the team at has given the Epson PX650 all-in-one printer a brilliant review.

With so much competition and confusion in the printer market it's reassuring to receive a clear idea about what is best to go with - ink cartridges or toner cartridges, inkjet or laser - and this review does just that.

The reviewer says the printer's plus points are that it has plenty of useful features - including quick prints, scanning and a Bluetooth adaptor - and that the quality of print is excellent.

However, it is let down by having too small a screen and no Wi-Fi capabilities.

In terms of ink, there are six individual ink cartridges containing Claria printer ink, which should maintain colour quality for up to 200 years in a photo album.

Concluding, the reviewer wrote: "The print quality is of a high enough level to render any minor qualms mute. The colour depth of the Epson PX650 is superb, showing up an excellent range across reds and green.

"It is a superbly useful all-in-one printer."

By Mervyn Warren

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