Epson B-510DN is an inkjet to compete in the office

2010-06-30 16:47:55

Published on 2010-06-30 16:47:55

Businesses wanting an inkjet printer that can compete with the costs typical of laser alternatives may have found their model in the shape of the Epson B-510DN.

Jon Jacobi and Melissa Riofrio have reviewed the model for PC World and concluded that it is competitive in terms of the speeds that prints are produced and costs of replacement ink cartridges.

"Pages virtually flew out of the B-510DN," according to the reviewers, with users able to expect that 14.7 plain-text pages can be produced by the device every minute.

Meanwhile, costs can be saved as each colour can be replaced as a single cartridge rather than a whole new colour ink needing to be bought when just one colour runs out.

Furthermore, all cartridges can be bought in high-yield forms, with one of two larger black ink cartridges being of the size to complete 8,000 pages.

Users can additionally benefit from an efficient design, which includes a front ink cartridge bay which makes it easier to replace cartridges when they are empty.

The Stylus S22, the SX125 and SX218 are other Epson printers that benefit from individual ink cartridges to help users save money.

By Barry Ashmore

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