Black Printer Ink Dilemma With Epson Photo Printer

2010-07-02 15:39:58

Published on 2010-07-02 15:39:58

Individuals purchasing the Epson Stylus Photo R2880 printer have been told to be on the ball when it comes to storing the black ink cartridge that is currently not being used.

It has been written for the TechReviewource that the photo printer comes with two types of regular black ink, which differ in terms of results depending on whether glossy or matte paper is being used.

However, as only one of the inks can be fitted to the printer at any given time, there is a danger of the other drying out and being unusable.

The reviewer for the news provider has suggested that buying some aluminium foil could prove profitable to enhance the lifespan of the ink cartridge.

"Epson says on its website that it can be stored for up to six months without the ink drying out or otherwise being compromised," the reviewer said.

"It's too bad they don't include some sort of holder to help keep it more air-tight, but perhaps wrapping it in aluminium foil would help prolong that and ensure it's quality, even for a short period of time."

Meanwhile, Simon Williams recently wrote for Printer Reviews that replacement ink cartridges for the Epson Stylus SX215 printer should be easy to find as they have animals on the packaging, rather than a person needing to locate a product number.

By Canzil Ahmed

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