Sir Phillip Green Criticises Government Printer Ink Cartridge Spending

2010-10-13 09:47:57

Published on 2010-10-13 09:47:57

Topshop owner Sir Phillip Green has uncovered a shocking amount of unnecessary government spending.

The businessman has been producing an efficiency report for the coalition government and in doing so highlighted some "crazy" spending decisions made by the previous Labour government.

In particular, he cited the fact that some departments were using printer ink cartridges that cost £398 while others used cartridges that cost just £86.

Overall, Sir Phillip suggested that he could cut £20 billion without cutting a single public sector job.

He added that if a private company wasted money like the government it would not survive.

Commenting on the report, Cabinet Office minister Francis Maud said: "The findings clearly demonstrate the scale of inefficiency and waste present in the system today.

"We welcome the sense of urgency that Sir Philip has brought to this work and we are looking at how we can best take forward key recommendations."

Posted by Canzil Ahmed.

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