Epson Animal Ranges Of Ink Cartridges

2010-10-20 16:47:33

Published on 2010-10-20 16:47:33

 Epson has brought out a new range of ink cartridges with each series of ink cartridges linked to an animal, plant or object in order to didtinguish the product and make it easier for consumer to recognise a product. Epson inks include:-

  • penguin inks
  • stag inks
  • apple inks
  • fox inks
  • rhino inks
  • husky inks
  • monkey inks
  • owl inks
  • hummingbird inks
  • cheetah inks
  • teddybear inks
  • flamingo inks
  • Frog inks

with plenty others availble in the Epson ink series.

Find out what inks are connected to the appropriate animal or item, why not test yourself!!!!

All the inks available at internet-ink come in original and compatible whist cutomers can aslo benefit from a 10% discount off there ink on future ink cartridge orders.

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