Epson Device Prints Race Track Faster Than Supercar Can Drive It

2010-10-26 09:09:40

Published on 2010-10-26 09:09:40

An Epson printer has reproduced a race track faster than one of the quickest cars in the world could complete it, it has been reported.

According to PC Advisor, Epson teamed up with car company Ariel to pitch a Stylus Office BX625FWD printer against the Atom car, which has a top speed of 140 miles per hour.

The printer was connected to an adapted Atom, with a Wi-Fi connection to make sure the device could work while the car was being driven.

Clocking in at one minute 19 seconds, Epson printed the track quicker than the Atom could complete a lap of it, which it did in one minute 24 seconds.

"The BX625FWD is part of Epson's new range of inkjets specifically designed for micro businesses, or companies with less than 10 employees, and engineered for speed," the news provider reported Simon Hanley, product manager at Epson UK, as saying.

Epson's B–510DN colour inkjet recently won the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Buyers Laboratory Inc (BLI).

Posted by Barry Ashmore.

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