How an All-in-one Printer Can Transform Your Christmas Parties

2010-11-18 09:09:34

Published on 2010-11-18 09:09:34

It might sound a little unlikely, but a printer could be the device that adds the X factor to your parties over the festive season. According to printer ink maker Epson, its US-only Artisan all-in-one printer can be used for the very thing.

The firm notes how busy and time-consuming this time of year can be, whether it's gift shopping in packed shopping centres or travelling long distances to see family members. Couple that with throwing a party and the stress levels can be seriously raised. So how could a printer help you organise a party?

Epson suggests printing out calendar sheets and helpful checklists so you can list everything you'll need for the event – think of sending out the invitations, buying gifts and ordering food. You could also personalise your party by creating name cards to set down at the table, printing gift labels with photos to attach to presents, or producing gift wrap with your friends' faces printed on!

"Nothing brings a smile to the face of a family member or friend [better] than literally including their faces in your holiday decorations," said Julie Ernest, product manager, Epson America. "From decorating trees with photo ornaments to real-time prints of your guests under the mistletoe, nothing captures the moment like a photo in hand," she added.

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Posted by Barry Ashmore.

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