Epson Stylus BX625FWD Economical on Ink

2010-11-23 09:07:57

Published on 2010-11-23 09:07:57

The Epson Stylus BX625FWD printer features useful wi-fi connectivity and makes economical use of ink cartridges, it has been stated. The business printer has been reviewed by

The website praised the device's functionality, too, especially for business use, measuring 446 x 360 x 221mm. Alongside printing, faxing and scanning capabilities, the printer's wi-fi connectivity is particularly useful for work in the office.

While its ink cartridges are a "little expensive to operate", it made good use of ink and was economical. "It may be a while before you need to change the cartridges," the website said. When tested, the BX625 FWD had a page per minute (PPM) speed of around 14, differing from Epson's claim of 38 PPM. However, this was still judged "pretty speedy".

"The Epson Stylus BX625FWD is a pretty impressive device for its price. With its fast printing speeds and the fact it's relatively easy to use, its minor downfalls won't ruin this all-in-one printer for you," the website said.

Epson recently announced a promotion whereby customers who purchase its AcuLaser C1600 before March 31st next year will receive £50 cashback.

Posted by Johnny McMaster.

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