Epson WorkForce635 The Ideal Family Printer

2010-12-29 09:09:02

Published on 2010-12-29 09:09:02

Epson's WorkForce635 printer, which uses fade, smudge- and water-resistant ink cartridges, has been praised for its suitability for family members who work from home.

The all-in-one machine was featured on US television network CBS' daytime show "The Talk".

Its resident tech expert, the aptly named Dr Gadget, said the device's printing, scanning, copying and faxing capabilities "do it all faster and better than the competition".

"With so many entrepreneur moms and dads running a business or consulting from home in this economy, it's a practical addition to 'The Talk' segment about choosing the right gifts for busy families," Dr Gadget said

According to Epson, the 635 offers the world's fastest printing speeds and print quality. If features built in Wi-Fi, double sided printing options, and a 250-sheet paper tray.

Epson recently released a printing app for iPhone users. PrintJinni for Epson, allows users of the smartphone, iPod Touch and iPad to print Microsoft Word, PDF and JPEG documents from their email accounts to any Epson wireless all-in-one.

Posted by Canzil Ahmed

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