Ink Cartridges Maker Epson Ups Its ENERGY STAR Requirements

2011-03-03 09:10:27

Published on 2011-03-03 09:10:27

The Epson company says it has "responded rapidly" to new requirements for the international ENERGY STAR programme.

ENERGY STAR standard recognises and promotes energy-efficient products, like computers and ink cartridges, in order to reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

Office equipment products that meet certain standards carry the well-known ENERGY STAR logo.

But before 2011, manufacturers were able to self-declare compliance to the standard. However, this has now changed and products require verification testing by recognised laboratories of the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Epson says its new all-in-one inkjet, due for release later this year, is the first product to be certified since the new requirement came into effect at the start of the year.

The firm said: "Epson has thus sought to continuously improve the energy efficiency of its products during use and supply customers with products that satisfy ENERGY STAR requirements."

Recently, Epson's Workforce60 printers were used to print press passes for the Oscars ceremony.

Posted by Canzil Ahmed.

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