Epson SX445W Ink Cartridges At Internet Ink

2011-10-06 16:22:29

Published on 2011-10-06 16:22:29

Buy Epson SX445W Ink Cartridges at internet-ink today. The SX445W is a smart compact all in one printer from the Epson range of printers. This Epson SX445W takes the Epson T1281 - T1285 and T1291 - T1295 ink cartridges.

The Epson SX445W has additional benefits of WI-FI capabilities to allow you to print,scan and copy from anywhere in your home or office. With other features including the SX445W being economical, space saving and advanced smart panel touch feature to allow pc free printing.


Save money by using the SX445W which contains 4 individual ink slots with high quality ink to produce clean and crisp documents, with the added bonus of a memory card slot to upload and print off all your photos.


The Epson SX445W takes the Epson T1281-T1285 and T1291-T1295 ink cartridges. Internet-ink stock both the original and compatible SX445W ink cartridges with 10% off future orders. View your Epson SX445W inks now.

Check out the Epson SX445W Ink Cartridges At Internet Ink today.

John James

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