Epson 18 Ink Daisy Cartridges Now Available

2012-07-10 16:21:58

Published on 2012-07-10 16:21:58

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The Epson T1801 to T1816 series (also know as the 18 or Daisy series) is specifically designed to work flawlessly with the Epson Expression XP series of inkjet printers. The Epson 18 series uses Claria ink technology to produce crisp, clear text and glossy photos. Individual Epson Daisy inks means you only need to replace the one you need.

The Epson 18 Ink is compatible with the following 'Small-in-One' printers:
Epson Expression Home XP-102
Epson Expression Home XP-202
Epson Expression Home XP-205
Epson Expression Home XP-302
Epson Expression Home XP-305
Epson Expression Home XP-402
Epson Expression Home XP-405

Epson 18 Ink Cartridge Bundle Packs
Our Epson Daisy series bundle pack are a great way to save money by buying all four ink cartridges at once. The T1816 is the high capacity 4 pack, while the T1806 is the standard capacity 4 pack.

Epson T1816 (T1811 - T1814) Original High Capacity Ink Cartridge 4 Pack
Epson T1806 (T1801 - T1804) Original Standard Capacity Ink Cartridge 4 Pack

Epson 18 Ink Cartridges
The Epson "Daisy series" high capacity ink cartridges contain over twice as much ink as the standard capacity inks, meaning you get more ink for your money. For even more of a saving, try our T1816 bundle pack.

Epson T1811 Original Black High Capacity Ink Cartridge
Epson T1812 Original Cyan High Capacity Ink Cartridge
Epson T1813 Original Magenta High Capacity Ink Cartridge
Epson T1814 Original Yellow High Capacity Ink Cartridge

Epson 18 Standard Capacity Ink Cartridges
The Epson "Daisy series" standard capacity inks are designed for low volume users. To buy all 4 inks at once, try our T1806 bundle pack.

Epson T1801 Original Black Ink Cartridge
Epson T1802 Original Cyan Ink Cartridge
Epson T1803 Original Magenta Ink Cartridge
Epson T1804 Original Yellow Ink Cartridge

View your Epson T18 ink series inks now.

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