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2012-09-03 10:04:59

Published on 2012-09-03 10:04:59

The printing industry has undergone significant changes in recent years, with manufacturers of systems and ink cartridges responding to customer demand in different ways.


Consumers have now adopted a more considerate attitude with regard to the environment, as many are now hoping to lower their impact by making their energy use as efficient as possible. In addition to this change in approach, customers are demonstrating a desire for smaller printers, marking a drastic change from the sizable models of the past.

This is also important to workplaces, where any possible free space is savoured, particularly on personal desks. A number of employees have shifted from desktops to laptops in order to ensure a more compact environment.

In a bid to guarantee that workspaces remain easy to organise, businesses and households have favoured wireless printing, allowing documents to be committed to paper quickly and without the inconvenience of using cables.

When using only one printer, Britons are forced to frequently disconnect and reconnect their laptops, wasting time and energy that could easily be saved by investing in a Wi-Fi-enabled device.

Households across the UK also now have multiple desktop or laptop systems, so the emergence of wireless printing eliminates the need to synchronise a model with one system, giving them the possibility to send articles from their personal hardware.

Computers have become essential to schoolchildren and students in particular, especially now that a number of subjects have moved away from handwriting to word-processing.

Printer company Epson has reacted to the increasing demand for proficient Wi-Fi-enabled printers by releasing its Expression Home printer range, comprised of a number of compact models that provide high-quality glossy photos and clear text.


Epson XP Top Printers


The XP-400 Series, XP-300 Series, XP-205 and XP-202 models enable users to print documents from anywhere in their home, as Wi-Fi is installed as standard.

Each of these devices instantly find the connection settings relevant to households, configuring themselves automatically, while their Epson iPrint capabilities mean that people can send documents from smartphones and tablets.


Epson XP-30 Printer


The systems are the manufacturer's smallest ever all-in-one devices, while the Expression Home XP-30 is the company's smallest ever single-function A4 printer.

To add to their size advantages, the hardware also utilises a Claria Home Ink set, enabling flexible mobile printing.

The ink formulations combine the durable nature of black pigment ink with the glossy colour output offered by dye-based cyan, magneta and yellow inks, resulting in crisp and clear lab-quality photos.

The new models also provide consumers with the capability to print, copy and scan documents, and the devices aim to save space, money and time thanks to their small dimensions, individual inks and easy-to-use features.

The Expression Home XP-30 is one exception in the range, as it exists as a single-function printer and is suited for home users who require a small inkjet system at a cheap price.

Along with these new devices come a range of ink cartridges, which are available in both standard and extra large. To help consumers quickly identify the option that suits them best, page yields are featured on the front of each pack.

Neil Wilson, product manager at Epson UK, said: "Using the new Claria Home ink set, the Expression Home range allows you to benefit from the versatility of glossy, home photo printing and crisp, clear text output.

"You won’t have to worry whether printing documents or photos is the driving factor in your household, because you can now have both. Whether you’re printing coursework, home documents or family photos, this range ensures that your needs are catered for."

Of course, consumers will want to ensure that the printers are in their price range before they consider making a purchase, but they will be glad to know that the devices are affordable.

The XP-30 is priced at £39.99, while the XP-102 costs £49.99 and the XP-202 and XP-305 cost £79.99 and £89.99 respectively. View all your appropriate ink cartridges with your appropriate XP printer device by seeing what has to offer, view the XP printer inks now.

Posted by Johnny McMaster.

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