Epson Inkjet Printers Have Started To Grow

2013-01-17 08:46:41

Published on 2013-01-17 08:46:41

Inkjet printers have started to grow over the course of the last two years, it has been claimed.

Samba Moorthy, director of sales and marketing at Epson, has told ComputerWorld that the systems have become more popular since 2011, particularly among business users.

"Though the inkjet market saw a decline in volume, we as a brand have grown in this segment. Besides, if you look at the overall revenue of Inkjet printer market, I don't think there was a decline. The customers that we have spoken to are extremely open to this technology," the representative explained.

Mr Moorthy continued by saying that inkjet printers can deliver "much more" than their laser counterparts.

These comments come after Epson launched its Stylus Pro 7890 machine in Nepal, with Raj Prajapati, assistant manager of the sales and marketing of the company, telling the Himilayan Times that the machine boasts the latest innovations in photographic inkjet technology.

Posted by Canzil Ahmed.

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